Training Toolkits

Training Toolkits

This Training toolkit for Trainers will be used in the training of trainers in WS3.1 and WS3.3, which will involve the development and implementation of webinars in each participating country in either education (WS3.1) or employment (WS3.3) related topics. The toolkit to be prepared in WS2.3 aims primarily to provide further training for those working with Roma people in topics discussing the current situation (the gap, challenges and barriers) of Roma people in education and employment and in the EU and national policy frameworks, measures and good practices.  The partners that are included in the preparation of the current toolkit are ANATOLIKI SA, AHEAD, Comune di Regiio Emilia, CUB, DRPDNM, ENLACE, Fondo Formacion Euskadi, IPSA, Komunikujeme o.p.s., RomPraha, SRDA.   The materials that should be prepared are identified on specific topics titles based on which the partners have prepared lessons plans that are approved by the leading organizations. The topics are separated in educational and employment character, as following:

Educational field

Employment Field

Please find attached the final verions of the toolkit PAL_WS2 3_full_version_290916 and the following translated versions:

  • Educational Field Employment Field
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  • As a result of the overall training of trainers and the local events have been created a training toolkit for learners and trainers. The toolkit is aimed at providing tools and resources that support Roma integration and the implementation of national Roma inclusion strategies in the fields of education and employment. Having been part of European societies for centuries, the Roma are the largest ethnic minority in the EU, and they are still subject to extreme poverty, discrimination, and social exclusion (FRA, 2014a, 2014b). With regards to the protection of fundamental rights and social inclusion, there are still several complex issues to tackle on national, European and international levels: segregation, deprived living conditions, labour market barriers, discrimination against Roma children in education and the consequent low educational attainment of the Roma population.The toolkit is divided into two parts. The first part, called Education Toolkit, consists of a compilation of issues related to education, and is aimed at helping low-skilled Roma people return to the education system to improve their qualifications, or improving Roma children’s performance at school so as to prevent them from dropping out. The second part, named Employment Toolkit, is a collection of resources related to employment, in order to improve Roma employment opportunities.The toolkit is available for download : here