Nicoleta Stroe Pantazi

Same as Nicoleta Ilie, she was born in Bucharest, of Romani-Romanian origin. She is a young woman who studied Management, in Bucharest, and now she lives and works in the UK. Her early ages’ story is similar to Nicoleta Ilie. Part of their life they spent together– from an early age she was in the care of Mia’s Children and received just as much love, care and attention.

Her early childhood in the family— she has 4 more brothers & sisters— was unfortunate. An unstable, aggressive environment where the father was the dominant figure. Without the family’s moral support, and/or any encouragements, finally, a hand was given and it worked in favour of a less fortunate soul, now, a happy and hopeful young woman.

Education can change your live. Ambition motivates you to continue. These were among the first two lessons learned at Mia’s. And, the more you learn, the more you want to learn. The more you experience progress, the more you want to continue.

We would like to share few quotes, representative to Nicoleta’s personality:

“I would like to work with people responsible for helping my community, and with others, who assist. Explaining to the young Roma the importance of education will be my primary goal. I believe in open communication as a tool, to get messages across. I believe in people, and working with others who devote their life caring about the less fortunate. This, to me is a guarantee for progress and evolution. Social responsibility is much needed, nowadays.”

“To me, fulfillment is a complex of accomplishments on a multitude of levels, and sharing my story with those in need, assisting them with their needs… will make my life complete.”

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