Based on the project plan were organized 7 local events + 4 online sessions with the participation of 289 local trainers and 149 experts online as presented below:

Training Event, Brasov, Romania at 25th of February 2017

1The training event was organzied at Aro Palace, sala Europa III in Brasov, Romania from Asociatia MERGI INAINTE and with the participation of 51 local trainers and experts in Roma issues. The event was organized as part of ToT in educational and employment sector. The participnats in both topics were common. More information about the event is available HERE.

Training event, Strasbourg, Council of Europe at 7th of April 2017

ALDA (European Association for Local Agencies) organized in Strasbourg a training session about socio-economical insertion of Roma people. The training took place in the framework of the project PAL Fighting discrimination and anti-Gypsyism in education and employment in EU and the international Day of Rom people the day after, on the 8th of April. 40 persons were present for this occasion: among other social workers, insertion companies, representatives of public authorities and civil society from the Region Alsace. The participants had the possibility to share their points of view in order to improve the networking, the referencing, the communication, and removing barriers to economical insertion for Rom people on the job market  More information is available HERE.

Training event, Thessaloniki, Greece at 25th of January 2017

The meeting was implemented at the multi-purpose room of the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Thermi with 41 participants and organized through personal contacts as all participants were identified through the initial meetings with stakeholders at local level that were held at the start of the programm. The main thought was to give precedence to staff/officers who are currently employed in public and private institutions that provide services to Roma in the field of promoting Roma employment, and to Roma mediators in order to ensure that the added value of the training will have a direct positive impact on Roma.At the beginning of the training greetings were sent by Mr. Sokratis Samaras, President of Board of the Directors ANATOLIKI S.A., and Mrs Anna Michou, president of the Board of the “Social Welfare Centres – Care & Preschool Education of Municipality of Thermi”. More detailed information is availabel HERE.

Training event, Puerto Real, Spain at  23rd  and 24th of March 2017

The event was organziued with the support of the national authorities at Sala del Ayuntamiento de Puerto Real with 31 participants  each of the two days.  More information is downloadable HERE.

Training event, Roma, Italy 4rd of February 2017

2Workshop was organized at Spazio Culturale Rampa Prenestina – Via Aquilonia 52, Roma in order to enrich skills and competences of cultural mediators, trainers and teachers, social workers and consultants who work in the field of social inclusion of Roma people, paying a special attention to the issue of employment integration of Roam youngsters.  The 22 participants were both Roma and non Roma experts, all involved in the field of job placement and personal development of Roma people.

Workshop was carried out through simulation and peer-to-peer contents exchange, in order to test models and techniques of participatory planning and cooperative learning among the operators. In order to enhance the participation of experts was proceeded with online communication with 32 additional experts, who were shared the video of the training. The agenda of the training is avilable HERE.  Small video of the event is shared HERE.  All the information about the events can be found HERE.

Training event in Prague, Czech Republic at 28th of February 2017

The event was organzied in Dům dětí a mládeže Kralupy nad Vltavou with the participation of 41 experts. The training was splited into two rooms. The projects and the topics were presented and explained with examples. Postive fefdback was reecievd from the participnats. All the information &documents are  available HERE.


Online Training event, 28 February 2017 & 3 March & 20 April 2017 (Belgium, SRDA)

SRDA organzied 3 online meetings with 9 local experts. The  first meeting was organised online, and structured in four segments of approximately two hours, each. During the first meeting, held at 28th of February, were presented the segments: “The Role of the Trainer and Skill Models”, “The Roma Community” and “Its Culture and Communication Skills and Personal Development”. During the second meeting, at 3rd of March 2017, was presented the final segment entitled “Questions and Answers – Discussion”. At 20th of April was presented the Segment 4: “Qs & As and Practical Applications”, including the following main parts:

  1. a brief review of the selected segments after the evaluation feedback, culled from all previous presentations (Segments 1-3);
  2. answers to questions, comments, suggestions;
  3. references;
  4. exercises, handouts, checklists;
  5. conclusions.

For the premisses of the online training were cretaed video materials available HERE

Name of the training segment Video Views
SEGMENT 1: The Role of the Trainer and Skill Models Video, available HERE

Duration: 1:31:44 min

SEGMENT 2: The Roma Community and Its Culture Video, available HERE

Duration: 1:23:29 min

SEGMENT 3: Communication Skills and Personal Development Video, available HERE

Duration: 1:24:06 min


Based on this information 115 experts have viewed the online training materials, giving final results of 124 trainers educated. The materials will be available till the end of the project. The training list is also available in Youtube list HERE. All the materials of SRDA work are availble HERE.

Online Training event , 28th  of February 2017 (Hungary, UCCU)

In order to reach out to more people from Hungary over a longer period of time, our strategy was to create a pre-recorded online training. The training modules were adjusted to the Hungarian needs and recorded by local experts during the months of January and February 2017. The final version of the training course was published on 28th February 2017.

The topics of the presentations with the respective experts are the following:

  1. The role of the trainer – Galambos Henriette
  2. Communication and active listening – Gábor Mikó
  3. Public speaking – Viktória Takács
  4. Community development – Viktória Takács
  5. Employment opportunities for Roma in Hungary – Dr. Veronika Vass
  6. Roma culture – Andrea Duka and Andrea Ignácz

Each video presentation is between 15-25 minutes and followed by a questionnaire to assess the understanding of participants. An email address is provided at the beginning of the training to address related questions and request certificates. Certificates are given out the participants who fully concluded the course, and answered 70% of the assessment questions correctly. Participants can return to each module to re-take the course. At the end of the course, participants are asked to evaluate the training, and each module.  The training course will be available online at least until the end of Project PAL. Participants had to give their email addresses to access it, and could pause after each section, if they wanted to. Till the end of April 2017, 25 experts have participated in the online course.  The training course can be accessed through the LINK.   vAll the materials are available HERE.