The overall objective of the WS the organization of events that will give the possibility to the Trainers, Romani children and Youth and families to receive more information about the employment and re-skilling opportunities.

The aims of the initiatives are to help the trainers, Romani youth to receive more information about the apprenticeships, on-the-job training and self-employment opportunities.  The PUSH EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES initiative includes the organization of the following events:

  • Training local events on economic empowerment and employment opportunities:  Local events including trainings about the communication skills, behaviors during work interviews, possibilities to work in the EU countries, employment right in different countries and including the organization of an employment fair with future company providers.
  • Training courses for Roma Youth: aiming at information and re-skills for self-employment. The events includes modules about creation of won small business, funding opportunities, mentoring opportunities, social entrepreneurship, IT literacy, development of literacy skills, introduction to existing programmes and services.

Based on the project planning will organized 9 local events on economic empowerment and 18 courses with the participations of about 1800 attendees


One-day training local event and fair event on economic empowerment and employment opportunities

The general objective of the action is helping young people to receive information about employment opportunities and participating in re-skill workshops. Activities to be done by every organization involved:

  • One-day training local event and fair event on economic empowerment and employment opportunities: 100 participants at least

The event will involve: 1) A morning session with training about communication skills, behaviors during job interview, and possibilities for work in EU, employment right in different countries, and 2) An afternoon employment fair.

POSSIBLE TARGET GROUPS: 16-45 years old (all levels of education) unemployed and in process of seeking a job; or youth having left school before finishing compulsory education.

PLACE:  At partners’ institution, in another institution or in/near a Roma context.

TIMETABLE SUGGESTED: One-day event including one training and a fair event.

SOME POSSIBLE OBJECTIVES TO ACHIEVE:   Improving employment opportunities of Roma// improving employability (by developing ICT skills // Showing employment opportunities in local context (and requirements) // Preparing CV and job interviews.

SOME POSSIBLE ACTIVITIES TO BE IMPLEMENTED: Lectures, presentations, role-playing, games// Elaborating CV, a cover letter, and preparing a job interview// Job seeking tips (different methodologies in job seeking, how to seek and where, ways to approach companies)// Activating networking // Developing communication skills.

TWO TYPES OF ACTIVITIES: 1) Soft-skill training and job-seeking tips; and 2) giving the companies the opportunity to work with the participants in small groups, and discuss the employment options for Roma.


Organzied events

To be announced soo