The overall objective of the WS the organization of events that  will give the possibility to the Trainers, Romani children and Youth and families to receive more information about the benefits of school education and second chance schools.

The aims of the initiatives are to help the trainers, Romani children, youth and families to receive more information about the benefits of school education and second chance schools. The PUSH EDUCATION TRAINING initiative includes the organization of the following events:

  • Children socialization exercises :  helping the children to see school activities as a game, as 1-day event for children’s interaction (with two children Socialization exercises, helping children to see school activities as games)
  • Group Building Days: awareness raising activities and workshops, as Two Groups’ Building Days directed to families (this is related to awareness raising activities or workshops).

Based on the project planning will organized 13 children socialization events with 520 children involved and 14 group building days with 700 participants.



POSSIBLE TARGET GROUPS: Children in kindergarten, primary or secondary school. We need the participation of 40 children (only Roma or Roma and non-Roma) in this event

PLACE: At schools, at partners’ institution or in a Roma context

TIMETABLE SUGGESTED: One-day event including 2 children socialization exercises

SOME POSSIBLE OBJECTIVES TO ACHIEVE: Promoting the importance of preschool for children’s future// Showing children ludic ways of learning// Motivating children to keep studying (beyond compulsory education)// Testing innovative methodologies to foster social inclusion// Providing information about support organizations for continuing education// Discovering potentialities and skills in children.

SOME EXAMPLES OF POSSIBLE ACTIVITIES: Game sessions and peer-to-peer work // Existential tales (stories that are perceived by the 5 senses)// Learning corners (e.g. storytelling, symbolic games)// Learning corners for academic work (e.g. math, reading- comprehension, writing, experimental science)// Storytelling in small groups: Roma youth having had a successful experience in the formal educational system.


Organzied events



To be announced soon