Together against discrimination and for the promotion of the right to education

The project Together against discrimination and for the promotion of the right to education (LUOGHI COMUNI) – coordinated by the Association Bambini in Romania Onlus and carried out in Bari, Milan and Rome in partnership with II Nuovo Fantarca, UPRE Roma and the Association Spirit Romanesc for a period of 18 months starting from March 2016 – has the aim to promote the participation of the Roma, Sinti and Caminanti in their school paths, the integration of all children and teens and the right to education. For this purpose, during the school year 2016/2017, video and theater workshops were organized with the students chosen by means of a selection of  primary and secondary schools of first and second stage of the three cities, as well as the awareness-raising, the communication and the research activities that involved hundreds of children and teens, their families and their friends, teachers, school heads, Roma educators and mediators, social workers, experts and representatives of local authorities and national institutions, thus fostering the cementing of the local networks and  disseminating best practices at local, national and European level through a participatory research conducted in Italy and across Europe.


As A result of the project had been elaborated the report Guidelines for gender-sensitive actions supporting the schooling, empowerment and integration of Roma students (download Guideline for Roma students)


For more information about the project or the report, please contact  Dana Mihalache (President Asociation SPIRIT ROMANESC ONLUS) at segreteria@spiritromanesc.it

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