Sense of ambition

Mikaela, 26, arrived in France 3 and half years ago. It was really hard for her at first because she was pregnant, she didn’t speak French and her father was sick. But after few difficult months she started speaking. She had the chance to go to a social and vocational integration school for 5 months where she did an internship in a flower shop and in a restaurant.

She kept working in restaurants and passed a first diploma in a vocational school. Then she passed a higher diploma in the same field with working half of the time of the training.

She really desire to keep this course and to pass a diploma in higher education. She wants to become a chef and maybe in the future open her own restaurant.

The main difficulty she has to go through was the language barrier especially because of the accent and people did not understand what she was saying. “But I was really lucky and the teachers helped me all along my learning”.

“I really encourage people to get information because even if we are far from our country there is a lot of things to do there”.

“The main thing is to know how to overcome the difficulties but foremost what we want to do. I did not know what will happen in the future and it is not easy to think about it but it is worth it”.

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