The PAL partners had prepared and are presenting an innovative learning curriculum for trainers and experts working with Roma children and travelers.  The training of trainers’ 8-hours curriculum is designed for approximately for 20 trainers at local level separated in two meetings from 4 hours, following the agenda of the online meetings implemented in English. Trainees can use the material and exercises in this curriculum when designing future T.O.T. workshops.  In addition, as noted in the description of each exercise, some of them may be suitable for the training of peer educators and for field work, where peer educators work with target groups of young people.

The exercises that follow might also be used in refresher trainings. Once trained, trainers need continuing support, including further training. This provides a way to help trainers stay aware of new material and sharpen their training skills.  Many topics and techniques described in this curriculum are accompanied by training notes. These provide information to help trainers understand why a topic is important or how specific techniques will contribute to the objectives of the peer education training of trainers.

The current activity is providing comprehensive local training of trainers on support provision and adequate response to the economic situation and perspectives of Romani people and youth.  The topics of the curriculum “EMPLOYMENT” were prepared in English available below:

Topic Power Point Presentation Video Report Questions on the Materials QR Code for direct access
B1. Roles of teachers/trainers BRIEF: More information about the basic roles of the trainers when presenting employment programmes to Roma Youth and how to work with them // VIEWS ONLINE: 49 views currently  B1_SRDA
 HERE  HERE HERE SRDA: adsumconsulting.srl@gmail.com; catalin.stelian@gmail.com  
B2. Cooperative skills inductive education and conflict prevention BRIEF: Presenting the skills education strategies and examples // VIEWS ONLINE: 27 views currently  B2_UCUU
HERE HERE HERE UCCU: andi.jenei@gmail.com
B3. ROMA literature and culture BRIEF: More specific information about the culture and the literature // VIEWS ONLINE: 157 views currently  B3_AHEAD
HERE HERE HERE AHEAD: robirous@yahoo.com
B4. Community Development BRIEF: Principles of Roma community development and opportunities in EU // VIEWS ONLINE: 34 views currently  B4_ENLANCE
HERE HERE HERE ENLACE: enlace.europa@gmail.com
B5. Help and guidance in the possibilities in personal development BRIEF: Personal approach practices // VIEWS ONLINE: 25 views currently  B5_Innopolis
HERE HERE HERE INNOPOLIS: gabriele.levi@disamis.it
B6. Public speaking BRIEF: Communication plans // VIEWS ONLINE: 55 views currently  B6_Anatoliki
HERE HERE HERE ANATOLIKI: kostas@anatoliki.gr
B7. Training of Roma partners and families BRIEF: Public speaking techniques // VIEWS ONLINE: 46 views currently  B7_Komunikujeme
HERE HERE HERE KOMUNIKUJEME: kubanek@komunikujeme.eu
B8. Information about employment opportunities of Roma BRIEF: Presenting the opportunities for employment or Roma people in EU // VIEWS ONLINE: 21 views currently  B8_ALDA
HERE HERE HERE ALDA: stanka.parac@aldaintranet.org