Strength to go on

Dorin, 19, arrived in France when he was 15 years old. He has lived in a caravan for 2 years. His father studied French and found a job. Dorin did the same and learnt French in high school. It was very hard for him but if school was hard he also learnt the language thanks to his friends.

This first done, he studied car body and passed his diploma. It was hard to find an employer and there are a lot of disappointments but he is still looking for it.

But he did not stop going on and passed his driving licence, came here with his wife and now they will have a baby in the next months.

Sometimes the difficulties are so hard that it can cross your mind to give everything up. “But you have to react, you have to learn French, you have to study and go to school. You have to do something”.

“Now I am working with a first contract but I am looking for an permanent contract in a body car shop”.

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