Power of will

Dimitri, 18 arrived in France when he was 13. His father learnt French and was hired in a company of construction industry. He was in a secondary school. Now he is in a vocational school and works half time as a mason.

When he was looking for a company to do his training with, he went to a social worker to help him finding that. The social worker arranged an appointment with the director of a company working in construction industry. The director clearly explained what he expects of his employees and of the people working with him. But Dimitri managed to convince him and to show that he wanted to learn the job and to work there.

The plus side is that in the company where Dimitri is currently working, a secretary is from Romania, and it is always nice to have someone from our motherland when you are so far from your country.

“It was not easy to find an employer but I was always there, on time and motivated to prove that I really wanted this job.”

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